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Dr. M. Ganesan

In early 2005, I, Dr. M. Ganesan started my inventive expedition with a small team of scholars, scientists and pharmacologists. We joined forces in pursuit of a common dream. We began conducting clinical trials on healthy subjects for the pharmaceutical and Biotech industry and took the pride in maintaining exceptional quality standards.

Micro Therapeutic Research labs (MTR) became a well known leading clinical center out of our hard work and scientific conception. We are dedicated to the success of our employees and our customers.

It is an environment that recognizes the intense competitive nature of the industry and responds with the commitment to provide a level of service which is impeccable.


With a team of dedicated individuals and a core of international clientele who all believe in our common goal, we've grown to a full service CRO. Our clients bring us clinical trials as they know they will receive focused, individualized service and they are not lost in the queue behind larger clients.

Our greatest source of pride lies in the ongoing partnership created with our clients. As the number increases, we have insisted on maintaining long lasting relationship that is fostered by confidence, not only in our commitment to quality discretion, but also in our unquestionable results in our delivery.

We become your partner in regulatory issues, research protocol preparation and in all services up to the final report which includes submission to the regulatory authorities. We assure you that we will meet all the regulatory and ethical standards that apply, no matter what country you are developing the drugs.

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